4 Strategic Tips That Help Reduce Stress

Dealing with stress seems more complicated than it is. By taking strategic steps, you can deal with stress more smartly and quickly feel calmer and happier.

Dealing with stress – it doesn’t go away on its own

Well, that stress will eventually disappear. But you don’t want to wait for the pressure to go away on its own. No, you want to deal with stress better so that you can feel calm and happy now.

So let’s do that. Dealing better with stress so that life becomes fun and light again, while at the same time you can make your dreams come true.

●    Plan your week strategically and wisely

Dealing smartly with stress means that you get better at planning. Very simple and logical. Because you know – reducing stress takes roughly as much time as building pressure.

When you work your way around, you build up stress. If you then hardly take the time to recover, then the focus does not decrease sufficiently, which gets you in trouble.

So? So consciously plan moments of recovery. Take a few minutes to make a weekly schedule. It’s essential to make room for these four anti-stress.

The four anti-stress S’s

  1. Sleep – Sleep as long as you need to to feel rested. Make getting enough sleep a priority. And if you benefit from it, take a nap now and then. Napping for 15 minutes left and right works wonders for your stress level. If you get enough sleep, you cannot get burned out. Easy.


  1. Sports – A great way to ‘burn’ stress more quickly. Get a solid workout at least once a week. Regular running reduces your risk of burnout by 50%, for example. That’s great when you realize how little effort it takes.


  1. Silence – Set aside at least 10 minutes daily to meditate. Better still, fifteen minutes before your day starts and fifteen minutes before you go to sleep. It keeps your brain calm and gives you a healthy foundation from which to face the day (and night).


  1. Playing – Avoid doing nothing for a whole day a few times a month. A day when you do what you want, without obligations. Plan it consciously because such days usually do not arise on their own. Play and be lazy. Work is prohibited on days like these.

And do you know what’s so lovely? These four habits will help you cope with stress while making you more successful, creative, happier, and more productive.

You are human – not a robot. You can’t always work; always be productive. These simple habits help you function better as a human being in all areas of your life.

●    Make your problems small and tangible.

Yes. The smaller you can make your problems, the less stress they cause you. Don’t wonder how the hell you can get that massive project done on time. Ask yourself, “what’s the next small step I can take?”

Maybe the answer is: make a schedule. Good. Get a cup of tea and sit down to plan. No more.

The smaller you make your problems, the easier you solve them and the less stress it causes you. That’s the joke of the small step.

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●    Put things into perspective.

The bigger and more important we make ourselves and our work, the more stress we experience.

Dealing better with stress means taking yourself, your work, and your life a little less seriously. That you understand that what your job is essential, but that other things are more important.

What kind of things?

  • Your relationships.
  • Your health.
  • The extent to which you enjoy your life.
  • Spending time with your kids.
  • Make a positive contribution.

The point is: if you are constantly stressed, you are not making a positive contribution, maybe at work. But your life is more than just your job.

Your stressed-out attitude is like poison to your happiness, your health, and your relationships. Areas that will ultimately prove more important than your success or your income.

Learn to put things into perspective. Money, success, status, fame, popularity, winning, and being the shit – those things are fun. But they are not everything. They are not the purpose of your life. In the end, they don’t bring you the satisfaction you are looking for.

That’s not to say they’re wrong or that you shouldn’t or shouldn’t pursue it. It means that you put these things in perspective.

●    Do the one thing that everyone forgets.

Yes. And that is playing. If you want to deal with stress better, you have to play. I already mentioned it in the 4 S’s, but I highlight it again because most people don’t take playing seriously enough.

  • Playing is the opposite of stress. By playing, you can quickly leave stress behind. It helps you recover soon. Why? Because you have fun.


  • When you play, you do things that you only do with one goal: fun because you find it fun, engaging, fascinating, or funny, not because it helps you become more successful, more prosperous, more relaxed, or more efficient.

And doing things because they are ‘fun’ – that’s something we often don’t allow ourselves to do once we’re adults. We dive into work life and discover that being productive and efficient helps us achieve our goals. But in the meantime, we forget that having fun is still important.

  • So play. I previously wrote a whole article about it that you shouldn’t miss. If you take playing seriously, dealing with stress becomes more fun, easier, and funnier than you ever hoped.


  • You don’t have to ‘recover’ sadly in a holiday park with a bad book. No. Jump on a trampoline, play tag, cartwheels in the park.

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