5 takeaways from Packers’ preseason loss to Jets

4. The defense and specialty teams were inconsistent and went through many ups and downs.

Jets rookie QB Zach Wilson didn’t bother much, he went 9 of 11 for 128 yards and two TDs, both against Tyler Kroft, as the Jets’ starters were probably producing as they should against a mostly reserve group.

But the running defense increased the opportunity a few times at a short distance. It also halted the jets after Taylor tried to force a field goal with the help of a sack of backup QB Mike White from rookie lineman TJ Slaton.

“TJ is a really talented player and he has a lot to learn,” said LaFleur. “I think it will just depend on how consistent he can be? If he plays with great technique and fundamentals, he’s damn good. The talent is there, but it has to be down and down.”

That’s the same refrain about the special teams that allowed a 73-yard kickoff return right after Sternberger’s TD, which led to the jets starting gun. On the other hand, rookie safety Christian Uphoff hit two jets to make the tackle on a punt late in the game, a third phase highlight reel game.

Punter JK Scott had a 21 yard shaft between strong kicks of 49 and 51 yards. Begelton had a punt return of 28 yards and running back Dexter Williams kicked back 32 yards, but there was little to like about the four other Packers returns in the game.

“We need to do a better job with our coverage units,” said LaFleur. “Our trainers know that.

“I thought there were some good moments, but consistency is also important here.”

5. The Lambeau set needs to understand situations better.

Yes, it’s just preseason, and LaFleur opened his comment by saying how much he loves Packers fans. But he would prefer that Benkert not have to silence a “Go Pack Go” chant at a big third down game and that the crowd not make the wave when Green Bay is on the offensive.

“I’d rather see that when we’re on defense,” said LaFleur. “But no, we love our fans, but we will definitely try to get more instructions.”

This could include video board messages from the players, so stay tuned.

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