A Successful Move When Is The Best Time To Move

Professional change, retirement, family expansion, or a simple desire for renewal. Each year, between 2.5 and 3 million French people change housing. And 40% of 1 choose to do so in the summer. But is it the best time to move? Our tips for choosing the best time to move.

Moving: a very seasonal activity

As supply and demand law requires, removal rates can vary from single to double depending on the season. Unsurprisingly, the high season corresponds to the most coveted periods: summer, school holidays, and the end of the year. The mid-season is in spring and the low season in autumn and winter, except the Christmas holidays. The choice of the date is, therefore, a key element in controlling your moving budget!

A successful move: each season has its advantages and disadvantages

When to move: in summer

On paper, summer is the perfect season to relocate. The picture is more nuanced.

Is summer the best time to move? The +

✅ You can take advantage of your vacation to prepare (or unpack) your moving boxes and plan the necessary small jobs.

✅ The days are longer, and the weather is good, an asset for organizing and succeeding in your move more quickly.

✅ For children who have to change schools, the transition is smooth during the school year.

✅ We have time to rest before going back to school and work.

What I

disliked the summer period to move

✅ The prices of movers and utility rentals are high.

✅ The availability of service providers is minimal.

✅ The heat can be trying.

✅ Most of the friends are on vacation.

✅ The roads are often congested.

Our advice for a successful summer move: book movers, rental companies, and friends at least three months in advance. Another tip for moving in the summer, if you can, avoid weekends.

When to move: fall

Adding a move to the stress of back to school can seem like heresy. But there are also advantages to moving in the fall.

The advantages of the fall for a successful move

✅ The prices are low.

✅ The climatic conditions are in principle perfect, especially in September or October.

✅ Friends are no longer available.

What I disliked about moving to the start of the school year

✅ You will have to take all the necessary steps during the holidays.

✅ It is more challenging to organize the school year, especially when you move to another city.

✅ You are not immune to good rain on a moving day!

Our advice for a successful fall move is to discover the five things to know to organize your activity and prepare everything without infringing on your summer vacation.

What if the best time to move is in winter?

Between extended nights and inclement weather, winter makes you want to snuggle up at home rather than move. A move in winter, however, can be a great deal!

The advantages of moving in winter

✅ As long as you avoid the end-of-year holidays, the prices are unbeatable.

✅ You are free to choose the date of your move.

✅ Less under pressure than in high season, the movers are more attentive to your needs.

What I disliked: The weather can make journeys more difficult.

✅ The days are short.

✅ Cold, snow, and rain can damage your belongings. Moving in winter, therefore, requires many more precautions.

✅ Choose to move around Christmas Eve and officially remain the owner or tenant of your previous accommodation until the end of January. You will have to pay two housing taxes.

Our advice for a successful move in winter: remember to take out your electricity and gas subscriptions at least two weeks before your arrival in your new home to have hot water and heating on D-Day!

A good compromise for a successful move: spring

Season of renewal, spring is the best time to move.

The advantages of moving in the spring

✅ The prices remain reasonable.

✅ Movers and vehicle rental companies are not yet overbooked.

✅ The days are getting longer, and the temperatures are becoming more pleasant.

✅ You can take advantage of the many public holidays to prepare yourself.

✅ Your friends will be able to free themselves to help you.

✅ Road traffic remains fluid.

✅ You will then have the summer vacation to rest.

The –

✅ Your children may have to shorten their school year; the farewells will be more difficult but quickly compensated by the few days of vacation earned.

Should you move during the week or on weekends to be as successful as possible with your move?

80% of people choose to move on weekend 2, a rather logical decision, especially when moving without professional help. On weekends, friends are more available, and that avoids taking a day off. However, the rates for movers or rental utilities are higher on weekends. According to calculations carried out by a moving platform 3, moving on the second Wednesday of the month would allow the price of services to fall by 10 to 25%, depending on the season. For this same reason, it is also better to avoid the end of the month, which is busier since it corresponds to the end of leases.

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