Advantages of a Trigger Capper From TORQ Packaging USA

TORQ Packaging USA is a top manufacturer of packaging equipment and offers a variety of trigger caps for many different applications. The trigger capper from TORQ is a perfect tool for packaging operations, thanks to its repeatable performance, durability and ease of use particularly in harsh conditions. Find out the ways this tool can improve your production. Here are some benefits of the trigger capper:


It is compatible with existing fillers and capping machines that are inline making it suitable for small-scale operations. TORQ trigger caps are as precise as the top models and require less instruction than other types. Trigger Capper are an excellent option for small-scale operations since they are easy to use. They also require less maintenance and training that other equipment for capping. You can choose from a range of trigger caps made by TORQ and even one that is specifically designed for your specific application.

Trigger cappers come in two types: automatic and manual. The automatic versions are more suitable for medium-sized to large production runs and can seal spray and pump caps. Some trigger caps even have servo drives that permit users to easily alter the format of the product. In less than 20 minutes, you can switch between the two types. You can also utilize trigger cappers with pump caps, which are usually made of silicone, whereas smaller-volume machines are more designed for small production.

Additionally, a trigger cap can be automatic and controlled by a PLC. It can use different trigger caps and comes with feeder. A lot of trigger cappers have many features. You can pick one based on your needs and budget. The NPACK trigger capper is extremely versatile and customizable. It is simple to install and maintain, and it is compatible with all liquid filling machines. It also comes with a variety of pre-saved programming options.

A servo-chuck capper offers the most cost-effective balance between price and durability. This PLC-controlled automatic capper has a precise application torque. It automatically tightens the cap following the application of the torque you want. The Dual head capper on the other hand is capable of handling up to 50 cpm. When choosing a trigger capper, be sure to consider your desired speed and application torque. Contact Liquid Packaging Solutions to get more details and assist you in choosing the best model for you.

The Vanguard chuck is an ergonomic design for capping machines that are handheld. A standard chuck requires a liner in order to hold a cap, which may result in damage or even downtime. The integrated modem allows remote monitoring and diagnostics. And, it’s easy to swap out the nozzles and chucks, which increases the efficiency of the machine. The Vanguard chucks also help prevent skidding and ensure a more secure grip on the caps.

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