Afghanistan dwell information: US troops could keep previous 31 August, says Biden; Taliban official guidelines out democracy | World information

The Labor Party leader has made clear his support for the withdrawal from Afghanistan, I think that is clear. He listed a number of things he expects the government to do, and rightly so, including support for UN efforts, taking action in the UN Security Council, support from NATO, support to ordinary Afghans and the Elimination of financial aid for the Taliban. We do all of these things, and rightly so.

The honorable gentleman did not give a single example of an action he took that we did not do – not one. But then issued a number of sharp reviews. The shadow foreign minister took a similar approach in her speech.

The Labor Party leader agreed to the decision to step back, but now, with his predictable propensity to look back, the right honorable gentleman is criticizing the consequences of a decision he endorsed. He does so with no serious or believable alternative of his own, not even a hint, a reminder of Shakespeare’s adage, the empty vessel makes the greatest sound.

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