Alzheimer’s Care in a Dementia Center

Beachwood Canyon – Northeast of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, is the location where Alzheimer’s patients need to turn to for help. Alzheimer’s affects not only the elderly but those with minor brain deficiencies as well. Those affected by this debilitating mental disease become confused, suffer from speech problems, memory problems, depression and behavioral problems. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, but it is manageable. Beachwood Canyon and Chagrin Falls provide a great place for Alzheimer’s patients and their family members to turn to for assistance.

Alzheimers Care Solon Ohio

“Baypointe Farms Alzheimer’s Home is one of the great sources of Alzheimer’s care in Ohio,” said Dr. Helen K. Ezell, Executive Vice President of Medical Services for Beachwood Canyon and Chagrin Falls, Inc. “This facility provides services to individuals who qualify for eligibility, as well as, the caregivers who are specially trained to provide those services. We offer full range of services that include but are not limited to, residential living, assisted living, adult day care, respite care, nursing home support, pet care, home health aide, 24-hour assisted living call center, and dementia prevention programs. Services provided by our caregiver staff include but are not limited to: medications, socialization, legal assistance, and dementia education, socialization, medication, respiratory therapy, cognitive therapy, dementia management, and counseling.” This assisted living community for the elderly was named by the Alzheimer’s Association.

Beachwood Canyon and Chagrin Falls, Inc. also offers “The Ohio Valley Care Retirement Center”, a retirement community for caregivers that offers “furnishings and recreation for all ages. The ambiance at the facility is designed around a strong sense of community, and each unit has its own fully equipped gym, swimming pool, and outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, tennis, and other fitness oriented amenities. Also, there are separate living quarters for seniors that contains beds, showers, robes, hand held showers, room service, and meals. Each quarter, there will be an open house to allow the public to come and see what services are offered inside the homes.

Alzheimer’s patients who are interested in moving into one of the nursing and assisted living communities assisted living in Cleveland should contact Beachwood Canyon and Chagrin Falls, Inc. Also located in OH, Beachwood Canyon and Chagrin Falls, Inc. has locations in Mentor, Ohio; Rich field, Ohio; and New Philadelphia, Ohio. For additional information, one can call the Alzheimer’s Association of Ohio or visit their website. Although Alzheimer’s does not appear to be connected to the miles that residents of these communities have to travel to get to their destinations, it is a good idea to be educated about this condition just in case someone in your family has been diagnosed with this condition. Alzheimer’s affects the mental as well as the physical abilities of the individual, sometimes causing forgetfulness, problems speaking as well as having trouble understanding what others are saying.

Alzheimer’s Care can be provided in many settings such as, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hotels, doctor’s offices, as well as in retirement communities. Alzheimer’s Care homes, Inc. offers residents of their community the opportunity to have consistent and quality care. Alzheimer’s is an incurable disease, but with the right care, the impact of this disease on the lives of those who have it can be mitigated. For more information, one can call Beachwood Canyon and Chagrin Falls, Inc. directly or visit their websites for more information.

Alzheimer’s Care is provided by: Medicare & Medicaid Services; American Health Service Administration (AHSA); American Academy of Actives (Actions); Alzheimer’s Association; and the National Association on Alzheimer’s Disease (NAD). Medicare provides coverage for inpatient Alzheimer’s care, home health aide services and durable medical equipment services. Medicaid pays for inpatient Alzheimer’s care, home health aide services and durable medical equipment services. The American Health Services Administration (AHSA) provides coverage for inpatient Alzheimer’s care, home health aide services and other inpatient care. The Alzheimer’s Association provides for nationwide Alzheimer’s prevention programs and social and community activities. The National Academy of Actives produces various publications focusing on Alzheimer’s disease and its treatment.

Beachwood Canyon and Chagrin Falls, Inc. offers a full range of dementia-related services. At Beachwood Canyon, you can experience an “adolescent dementia center”, a “rich seniors dementia center” as well as a “comprehensive community dementia center”. There are also several companies offering a full range of dementia-related programs. Chagrin Falls, Inc. offers” housing for adults with dementia” as well as a residential living facility for those experiencing Alzheimer’s disease. All of the above programs provide the necessary services for those with dementia so that they can lead more meaningful lives.

Beachwood Canyon and Chagrin Falls, Inc. have been in the business of assisted living for over forty years. It has been a long time since I had the pleasure of spending time at their lovely assisted living community located in the beautiful state of Ohio. They have an absolutely wonderful staff to meet and serve each resident. Senior Citizens in Ohio are some of the most privileged citizens in America. Be sure to support their needs by visiting the Beachwood Canyon senior living community in Ohio.

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