Are You Planning To Rent Bounce Houses? Here Are 5 Tips You Need To Know

I find it challenging to plan a party. People need to be fed, entertainment booked, decorations hung, and details to remember.

Despite the fact that the end result is rewarding, there are still difficulties along the way. You can rent inflatables for your event, from any well-known companies of a Bounce houses rentals, obstacle course, interactive or slide. Follow these five tips to avoid any problems!

1.  How much space do you have?

Make sure that you have enough yard around the bounce if you have one! A 15ft by 15ft bounce house is most popular. Measure both sides for a minimum of 20 feet using that trusted tape measure. If you need to get behind or around the unit once it’s inflated, leave enough room between your unit and your fence or house.

2.  Bounce houses require blowers, blowers require power!

An inflatable bounce house’s bounce is caused by the blower. You must have an outdoor outlet in place in order for these blowers to operate. Request a generator for the short-term interruption if a power outlet is not available when you rent. Your rental company will need to be prepared with extra extension cords in the event that a generator is not available. Power can be run internally from the setup location and externally to the cabinet. In order to prevent a circuit from tripping you will need a 20 amp dedicated circuit located 100 feet away from the blower.

3.  Make sure that you do not walk by electric or water lines.

Your utilities shouldn’t be hampered! Usually it is underground so water lines do not appear visible. Inflatables must be secured to the ground with large stakes. A stake typically measures between 18 and 36 inches. When renting a water slide, be sure to check your water lines’ underground locations! It may be a good idea to request that your local utility cooperate with you in marking these lines prior to the event.

It is important to make sure that power lines will not interfere with your big slides or other big rentals if you intend to rent them. The height of a water slide ranges from 14-22 feet and in many cases is even greater. Don’t forget to leave adequate clearance space above your desk!

4.  A park party?

Make sure you know the rules. Is your local park the perfect place for hosting an event? Understand the rules and regulations of the inflatable rental before committing to one. Some questions you may want to ask include:

  • Are inflatables allowed here?
  • Is it possible to ride your watercraft?
  • Are you required to have any additional liability insurance for inflatables and rides?


One of the most important points is the last one. Additional insured parties can be added to your rental company’s insurance & liability policy if the company has legitimate insurance.

Just be sure to request processing for a week in advance. If the park is hit with an accident or disputes, this coverage option protects the facility.

5.  Do you intend to set up on any kind of surface?

What kind of ground do you want? Let your delivery driver know so that he can make sure to send you the supplies needed to make your event more enjoyable.

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