Aspect-arming O’Day joins Yankees thriving on guile, not gasoline | Sports activities

“Now everybody throws 95 and these guys – actually 95 looks like 90 now. So here are the terms: You put the software program in your brain to get that high spin 95, 96 up in the zone. And you have someone if if they only get a few ticks deeper, maybe about 10, they are only shed a little. “

The New York Bullpen is led by Aroldis Chapman, whose season ended with a groundbreaking home game against Tampa Bay’s Mike Brosseau in the eighth inning of Game 5 of the AL Division Series. Left-handed Zack Britton is the primary setup man and O’Day slots alongside right-handed Chad Green and left-handed Justin Wilson, who has an upcoming contract with New York.

Instead of throwing their bullpens at Steinbrenner Field, pitchers use what the Yankees call the gas station built just a short drive from the player development complex.

“It’s really just state of the art, with all the technical gadgets,” said Boone. “Obviously the Rapsodos and the Edgertronics and all the high-speed cameras that we can use to collect a lot of data.” for every bullpen. So it’s the things that have been in the works here for the past few years, and one of the real benefits of being here. “

O’Day became a free agent when Atlanta declined a $ 3.25 million option, triggering a $ 250,000 buyout. His Yankees contract includes a salary of $ 1.75 million for that year and a player option of $ 1.4 million in 20222. If he declines his option, the Yankees would opt for a team option of 3, $ 15 million with a buyout of $ 700,000.

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