Badgers volleyball crew thrilled Devyn Robinson modified sports activities | Faculty volleyball

Underwater rookie Devyn Robinson had 16 kills in the season opener in Purdue last month.


DENNIS PUNZEL For the State Journal

Devyn Robinson grew up in a basketball home and always had big dreams.

“When I was younger, I played basketball all the time because my dad did it, so I wanted to do it,” said Robinson. “I was so focused on basketball that I really believed I would go to the WNBA and play basketball all my life.”

But when she was in third grade, her athletic bow made a slight course correction.

Her father Daniyal, then an assistant coach to the University of Houston men’s basketball team, decided to broaden her horizons by taking her to an on-campus volleyball clinic. If not kicking and shouting, young Devyn wasn’t exactly a keen participant.

“I thought I don’t want this, I’m not interested,” she recalled. “I remember the whole camp where I crossed my arms like I didn’t want to be there.

“But towards the end there was this one ball that was just about to hit the ground and I thought it was going to fall to the ground and no one was going to strive for it. I remember diving after that and injuring my hip in the process, but I pulled the ball up and I thought it was amazing. I want to do this all the time. So my mom signed me up for volleyball and I’ve been playing it ever since. “

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