Boulder County Public Well being emphasizes that companies can nonetheless require masks

Boulder County’s public health officials on Wednesday shared information about COVID-19 vaccination clinics in the workplace, stressing that companies can continue to require the use of masks, and continue to encourage people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The news was shared during the latest community update virtual meeting on the pandemic, which public health officials said would host for the foreseeable future.

Lexi Nolen, acting executive director of Boulder County Public Health, said daily coronavirus cases had decreased. She said the average daily coronavirus case number per 100,000 people over the past seven days had dropped to 4.1. In Boulder County, 71.1% of the eligible population were vaccinated with at least one dose. Public health data also showed that 60.2% of the county’s population had a full course of vaccination.

“We hear that hesitation is becoming less of a problem and that people are becoming increasingly excited about receiving the vaccine,” said Nolen. “Getting it is sometimes a challenge, so we keep working to make it as easy to access as possible.”

Vaccination clinics available in the workplace

One such effort is the opportunity for employers to participate in the state vaccination program in the workplace. Registration is available on the state website at

“This program gives employers an opportunity to get the vaccine into their workplaces,” said Lizbeth Mendoza-Renton, a public health culture broker in Boulder County. “You don’t have to go anywhere else.”

Mendoza-Renton said public health officials hope the vaccination clinics in the workplace will help provide access to the vaccine for people who may not have the time to go to work or the transportation to get them.

She reiterated that the COVID-19 vaccine is available and safe for children aged 12 and over.

“It is safe,” said Mendoza-Renton. “The approval granted was based on studies on children aged 12 and over. You don’t die from the side effects. I definitely want to make that clear. “

Parents can expect their child to experience similar side effects as adults after vaccination. She said the biggest complaint she heard was pain in the injection area. Planning a day or two for your child to rest is wise, but she said they might not experience any negative side effects at all.

Vaccinating children against the virus is important, she said.

“Children get COVID. It is a fact, ”said Mendoza-Renton. “There is no doubt about that. You get complications from COVID and transmit them as well. “

She also stressed that teenagers can continue to receive the COVID-19 vaccination without having to postpone other routine vaccinations.

People who have had COVID-19 are also urged to get vaccinated if they have no symptoms for at least 10 days, Mendoza-Renton said.

Entrepreneurs can require people to wear masks

The Boulder County Public Health mask order, which runs through June 10, requires masks in schools, childcare, health care facilities, public transportation, and long-term care facilities. Masks must be worn at these locations regardless of vaccination status, said Trina Ruhland’s assistant district attorney at Boulder County Prosecutor’s Office.

“Companies may still choose to implement mask requirements in their company,” said Ruhland. “That’s your decision. We ask you to be kind and respect this decision. “

The Boulder County Chamber of Commerce continues to provide business owners with signage encouraging people to wear a mask.

While Lane Drager, consumer protection coordinator for Boulder County Public Health, said companies are no longer required to meet COVID-19 requirements, they are urged to take proactive steps like screening their employees for illness.

“All of the various measures that companies have put in place to prevent disease are still very effective,” said Drager. “If we still see situations where outbreaks happen, we may need to step in and develop strategies to prevent them from happening. It is still in the best interests of companies to be as proactive about disease as possible. “

Free trial sites are slowly being phased out

People are encouraged to continue getting tested for COVID-19 if symptoms occur, even if they have been vaccinated, said Angela Simental, public health spokeswoman for Boulder County.

The Lyon free trial site opened this week at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 200 Second Ave. closed. Longmont’s free trials at Boulder County Fairgrounds, 9595 Nelson Road, will continue through June 11th. Stazio Ball Fields tests at 2445 Stazio Drive in Boulder will continue through September 30th.

As the meeting neared the end of Wednesday, Nolen continued to urge people to get vaccinated against the virus.

“We want to encourage people, there are lots of vaccines,” said Nolen. “We encourage everyone to get vaccinated so you can have a fun summer and not have to worry about getting sick or making anyone in your family sick.”

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