Bounce House Safety Tips For Kids

A bounce house is about as universal as ice cream and birthday cake when it comes to attending kid’s birthday parties. Several bounce house accidents have been reported in recent weeks.

The accidents we have seen are intriguing, but it is not necessarily appropriate to categorize bounce houses as dangerous. A bounce house provides enjoyment to many children and is a fun way to enjoy time for some. Smart parents are so concerned about their children that they don’t want to have fun in bounce houses.

There are parents who believe bounce house rentals bring about accidents. But this does not have to be the case. You can keep bounce houses safe if you follow all the rules and take proper precautions. Over the years, Milwaukee, WI residents have enjoyed renting bounce houses from us and countless kids have had a blast.

While bounce house fun should not be ruled out by parents, they must be aware that they should take precautions to keep kids safe.

Use Bounce Houses Only From Trained Professionals

The problem is not bounce houses. There are a number of problems with bounce houses due to irresponsible people working with them. Trust your kid to someone who has a bounce house with great care. In order to ensure your kids’ safety, bounce house rental companies must provide safe entertainment. Yet not all bounce house companies take this role to heart.

A bounce house may even be the side job of someone selling them to you. A serious business owner will take the time to remain knowledgeable and operate their business properly. Dealing with unprepared bounce house companies may save you money, but your children should not be put in harm’s way.

If it is good weather, inflatables should not be used.

An inflatable bounce house’s biggest enemy is the wind. Recent events involving bounce houses that blew away were caused by the wind. Companies that are reliable will refuse to provide services under unsafe conditions. Also, a parent needs to know when the wind is too strong. When the kids get out of the bounce house, they might cry, but a good laugh is always better than an incident.

Check that all bounce houses are properly secured.

Customers typically get installation services from inflatable bounce house companies. You cannot assume that they always know what to do. Parents need to know how to tie down children properly.If you need any kind of information about any Bounce House yopu can visit and contact at

Most inflatables are tied down with plastic tie-downs of between 4-6 inches.  The kids are not safe when this is done. An otherwise avoidable situation can be created due to this lack of proper judgment. Our inflatable bounce houses are always secured using large steel tie-downs.

Never Leave Inflatable Bounce Houses Unsupervised

The swimming pool probably wouldn’t be open to your children without you at their side. In this scenario, why would you let your children get into an inflatable slide or bounce house that is unattended? A family inflatable isn’t a babysitter!


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