Camden Convention hosts Coverage and Politics within the Arctic: A dialog with Senator Angus King

The Camden Conference and Camden Public Library will introduce Maine Senator Angus King on Tuesday, March 2 at 7:00 p.m. to discuss the Arctic, the theme of this year’s Camden Conference in February. Please register Here:

Angus King, Maine’s first independent Senator from the United States, is co-chair of the Senate Arctic Caucus and a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee and the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Senator King, an advocate for Maine’s interests in the North Atlantic and the Arctic, has worked in Washington to advance Maine’s leadership in the far north. He has introduced laws on US military challenges and opportunities in the Arctic and has spoken at length about the economic impact of increased activity in the Arctic.

King and other Maine leaders on North Atlantic and Arctic policy supported the launch of the University of New England’s Institute of North Atlantic Studies (UNE NORTH), an initiative designed to help the next generation of leaders foster responsible stewardship and sustainable economic growth in the region.

Senator King traveled to Iceland in 2015 to attend the plenary session of the Arctic Circle Assembly. He spoke on the issues of national security, climate change and the economy that make the region a major political priority for the US. In 2016, he joined Maine people and executives from around the world to attend the Arctic Council conference on the Portland campus of the University of Southern Maine. Senator King also visited Greenland on a fact-finding tour focused on studying the environmental and safety impacts of the warming Arctic climate and traveled to Iqaluit, Canada to initiate the presidency of the Arctic Council in the US in 2015.

Prior to taking office in 2013, Senator King was the 72nd governor of Maine. During his two terms at Blaine House, he focused on economic development and job creation.

Senator King is married to Mary Herman and has five children and six grandchildren. He attended Dartmouth College and the University of Virginia Law School. In his spare time he enjoys exploring Maine outdoors, either on his Harley or with his family in the RV.

This event is a continuation of the 34th annual Camden Conference – Arctic Geopolitics: A Region in Danger, which was live stream from around the world from February 20-21, 2021.

The Camden Conference’s mission is to promote an informed discourse on world issues. For more information, visit or call 207-236-1034.

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