Capping Machines For Bottle Filling Systems

A Single Head Capper is an inline screw capper with only one capper head. The Resina Model S-30 is a common instance. If properly used, single head cappers can create consistently tight torques which is crucial to ensure constant caps. Some single-head cappers may have problems with the cap tightening disc. This can lead to caps sliding during capping , and inconsistent torques. Additionally, improperly adjusted cap tightening disks could cause shreds of rubber to form and may get under the label.

The Single Head Capper is a simple machine that is easily placed on a table. It can produce up to 60 pieces per minute. High standards are maintained by the cap head that is tempered. The machine is able to handle caps that measure between 26 and 29 millimeters in diameter. This machine is an ideal option for small-scale plants which have limited technical skills.

New England Machinery’s Single Head Capper offers straight, consistent application of caps. This decreases the risk of thread damage and cap damage. The Single Head Capper offers positive torque control via servo motors. The controller’s closed loop system offers feedback to adjust the torque. The servo motor also utilizes an electric cam that is programmable to store the specific parameters of the container.

The Single Head Capper is also an ideal option to fill large bottles. The servo-controlled star wheel tracks the movement of the bottle and applies caps for filling to the bottles, stroke by stroke. Based on the model and type of filling module, the Single Head Capper may be equipped with either a piston filler module or a flow-meter filling module.

Single Head Capper is equipped with a protective automatic tracking system and utilizes PLC programming to ensure precision. The machine can also automatically lift the lid and sort it out, as well as arrange the cap. The machine’s automated tracking system ensures high capping efficiency and speed. It has an electronic clutch to protect against damage to the caps. The Single Head Capper works with screw and plastic caps.

The Single Head Capper is simple to operate. The steam and vacuum created during capping help seal the cap. After this is done the table is moved and the capping container removed. The Single Head Capper can be used for any manufacturing process.

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