Casamigos Is Another Brand Of Premium Of Tequila

When it comes to selecting the best brand of tequila there are plenty of options to pick from. Some brands are more expensive and luxurious than others. Sauza Tequila, for example was founded in 1873. This brand features 40 percent ABV and is made of 100% pure agave. It is also double-distilled to produce an incredibly delicious, but not overwhelming, flavour.

As the most popular silver tequila in the world Sierra Tequila offers a crisp taste and authentic Mexican flavor. Its silky texture and balanced aroma are sure to please any palate. Furthermore, it comes with an extremely high ABV, making it a perfect late-night drink.

While there are many high-end brands however, there are some that can be considered “low-end.” These brands come with prices that are lower than their counterparts. Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Anejo is a great choice for those with a tight budget. It’s one of the most well-known brands on the market. Patron Extra Anejo is another option, which is aged for three years in barrels.

There are five kinds of Widest Range of Famous Quality Tequila Brands. You can also categorize it based on its sugar content. A “mixto” brand is made up of at least 50% agave sugar, while a “100% agave” brand is created exclusively of agave.

Single Barrel Extra Anejo is a prestigious tequila that has been aged up to five years in oak barrels. Its rich, smoky flavor is balanced by the hints of vanilla and agave. Extra-aged Tequila is a great choice, whether you want to drink it straight or make margaritas with it.

Another top-quality tequila is Don Julio 1942. This luxury brand is known for its distinctive bottle. It is aged for two years in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. Although it’s not the most expensive of brands of Don Julio 1942, it is still considered to be among the best.

Kirkland Signature Tequila, which is made from 100 percent agave, is excellent value. Although it has a pleasant flavor similar to Grey Goose, it lacks the richness of Grey Goose’s. However, Grey Goose is owned by the same company as Jim Beam which produces Kirkland vodka. The Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita is packaged in the form of a large bottle.

The distillery employs 30 people to create the drinks. The “Roca” range of tequilas are made in smaller batches and with more attention to detail. The Tequila is crystal clear and smooth, with notes of chocolate and agave.

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