Combo Bouncer Rentals

Combo Bouncer Rentals are a fantastic way to mix up your party or event. They can be combined with other features such as a slide or climbing wall, basketball hoops or an obstacle course!

These inflatables can be used as dry slides during the cooler months or as water slides during the hot summer. They are a great choice for any party or event!

Water Slides

Combo New Orleans Combo Bouncer Rentals are an excellent way to add a lot of fun and value to your event. They combine the popular bouncehouse with exciting additional elements like climbing and slide, basketball hoops, and much more.

Extremely Fun offers a range of combo bouncers available for rental in Florida and includes water slides! There are many choices to pick from that will suit your budget and theme.

These water slides are ideal for summer parties, corporate events and school festivals! They are available in a range of colors and designs to complement your party’s decor. They also come with an inflatable splash pad and a pool landing.

Bounce Houses

Combo Bouncer Rentals are the ultimate upgrade to traditional bounce house rentals. They can combine a bounce house and slides and can be equipped with additional features like nets or obstacles.

These inflatables are great to use for block parties, birthday celebrations, and corporate picnics. They are less expensive than renting separate bouncers or slides.

They are also popular for corporate events, bar mitzvahs and school celebrations. They provide hours of fun for children of all different ages!

The right kind of bounce house is crucial. Make sure to consider the age of your guests, their budget, and your event location.

Combination of inflatable slide and jumper are excellent alternatives for birthday parties, school functions, and corporate picnics. They are affordable and fun, and can keep large groups entertained for many hours.

Dunk Tanks

Dunk Tanks can be a great way for your guests to be excited. They are also popular for fundraising and charity events.

A dunk tank is an old-fashioned carnival event that has remained a crowd favorite for decades. This classic game allows visitors to soak their bosses, adversaries, and friends.

They are great for building trust and a sense of unity among people. They are especially popular at church, schools, occasions, and corporate picnics.

Our dunk tanks have targets, a seat and a safety fence. When the target is hit, the user is dunked in the water.

We can deliver our dunk tank to any location within the Atlanta metro area! However, we recommend that you check beforehand whether your venue is protected by fencing.


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