Compelling Espresso In Los Angeles, CA

There are many ways to become a roaster / cafe. Some start out at the café and serve coffee from another roaster or roasters before deciding to take the ultimate leap into the still unexplored world of roasting. Others live as roasters, creating profiles in a small roasting room (sometimes even in a garage), or renting time to equip someone else. The latter route was that of Los Angeles’ Compelling Coffee.

For seven years, owner Kian Abedini has been roasting coffee under the name Compelling Coffee, although originally an “and rich” was spliced ​​in the middle. Abedini mainly roasted for others, be it wholesale accounts or retail customers, but now, in 2019, Compelling is going on its own and completing the other half of the roaster / cafe equation. This first convincing café is located in the Line Lofts building in the Hollywood Hills and is a proof of concept for the company. The success will lead to further larger projects on a larger scale in the coming year. But first Abedini and Compelling set their sights on opening this first café. So let’s go to LA to check out a familiar name for the coffee scene, but all new signage for the storefront.

The build-outs of summer 2019 will be presented by Pacific Barista Series, notNeutral, KeepCup and Mill City Roasters.

As Sprudge tells of Kian Abedini.

For those who are unfamiliar, tell us about your company?

We are a wholesale coffee roaster and cafe based in Los Angeles, California.

Can you tell us something about the new room?

We are pleased that with the AIA | LA Residential Architecture Award 2019 to open award-winning Line Lofts building in Hollywood Hills. The room itself is 300 square meters and will have a small kitchen, indoor and patio seating, and a take-away window. We plan to use this first room as a less risky way to test what works and expand that to the larger coffee shops we plan to do in LA for the next year.

convincing coffee Los Angeles CaliforniaHow do you deal with coffee?

Our approach is to find exceptional types of coffee and make them accessible. While we’ve received awards for our lighter singles origins, we’ve found that the majority of coffee consumers generally don’t look for a super sour, complex mug every day. We try to find sweet, clean coffees and roast them with sufficient development so that they express ripe fruit flavors while being easily extracted for baristas of all skill levels.

Any machines, coffee, special equipment in a row?

La Marzocco Linea PB for espresso and a modified FETCO batch brewery as well as a bespoke TBA brewery.

How does your project view sustainability?

We will only have biodegradable cups and service goods in stock and ask our suppliers to only deliver in recycled or compostable packaging.

What is your hopeful goal opening date / month?

End of July / beginning of August 2019

convincing coffee Los Angeles California

Do you work with craftsmen, architects and / or creatives that you want to mention?

We are working with the local Fathom Design Studio to expand our space. Our food program is well informed by local producers at the nearby Hollywood Farmers Market and supplemented by local bakers’ farm shops.

Many Thanks!

You’re welcome!

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July 9, 2019

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