COVID-19 vaccines delayed because of climate | Information

Recent winter weather delayed delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine to the Grayson County Health Department, effectively halting vaccinations for the week. However, officials hope to resume vaccine administration next week.

In a Facebook Live update Wednesday morning on the Grayson County’s Department of Health website, Josh Embry, Grayson County’s public health director, said the state had decided to delay the Department of Health’s shipments due to the winter storm.

According to Embry, this was best as the heavy snow prevented the health department from opening and many residents of the county were leaving their homes, which could ultimately lead to wasted vaccines. To help ensure the longevity of current supplies, the health department temporarily moved its vaccine doses to Owensboro Health Twin Lakes Medical Center for storage.

Embry said the health department hopes to resume vaccinations next week if weather permits.

Those who have put their names on the health department’s waiting list for vaccinations can always contact the health department to find out where they are on the list. To do this, call 270-259-3141.

However, for those residents who feel they can’t wait any longer, Embry states that there are other ways to get the vaccine. He said Owensboro Health Regional Hospital in Owensboro, Kentucky was able to vaccinate some Grayson County residents.

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital and Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital have opened their vaccination schedules to people ages 60 to 69, according to a press release Thursday. To schedule a vaccine appointment at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital or for more information, visit or call 270-685-7100.

Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital works with the local health department to schedule appointments. The health department of the district of Mühlenberg can be reached by phone at 270-754-3200.

Owensboro Health Twin Lakes Medical Center is currently continuing to vaccinate people 70 and over off the Grayson County’s Department of Health waiting list, but plans to upgrade soon. Due to the large number of people still on the waiting list, Grayson County currently restricts its vaccinations to residents of the county only.

Embry asked Grayson County residents on the Department of Health’s waiting list who are getting their vaccinations from anywhere other than Grayson County to call the Health Department to remove their name and open a place for someone else.

Additionally, the Grayson County Health Department reported that testing for COVID-19 has been delayed due to the recent winter weather, but officials hope they can start again next week.

This delay in testing can cause the number of cases reported to be inaccurate across the state. “But overall … we’ve seen a decline in our COVID-19 numbers across the state, and that’s a good thing,” Embry said.

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