Deltona poised for one more large venture | Information

Less than a year after Amazon opened its fulfillment center at 2600 N. Normandy Blvd. Deltona could have another major economic development project in the works.

Directly across from Amazon are 128 hectares of forest that are to be reserved for industrial planned unit development (IPUD). The property is part of the Portland Industrial Park.

Ron Paradise, director of development services at Deltona, said the property’s future plan – not fully available yet – includes distribution warehouses, office space and even manufacturing facilities.

“I don’t know who the end user will be,” said Paradise.

Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc., a nationally known engineering firm with offices in Orlando and several other Florida cities, is listed as an applicant for the rededication.

On May 4, hot orange signs appeared, alerting passers-by to the upcoming public hearing on the application for reallocation. However, some of them have been removed. Paradise said it was common for people to take the signs without permission.

More information on the project will be available at the next meeting of the city’s planning and zoning committee.

The Board of Directors will meet on Wednesday, May 19 at 6:00 pm at Deltona City Hall, 2345 Providence Blvd. The meeting is public.

The Planning and Zoning Board advises the city commission on projects. Regardless of whether the planning and zoning committee endorses or recommends the rejection of the re-zoning, the Deltona City Commission will make the final decision later.

Public hearing sign

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