Doing Enterprise in Cayman Islands: Alternatives and Scorching Sectors for Overseas Funding within the Cayman Islands | World Regulation Group

[co-authors: Andrew Pullinger, Simon Thomas]*

In this new “Doing Business In” series, we asked our members about the current business climate in their countries, investment opportunities and what others should know about doing business there.

1. What is the current business climate in your country, including important political, economic and / or legal activities in your country that could have a major impact on businesses?

For many decades we have benefited from a stable political and economic environment with a dynamic financial services industry that meets and exceeds international standards. In addition, the Private Financing of Legal Services Act 2020 came into force in May 2021, heralding a new era of litigation funding in the judiciary.

2. Which countries do you see the most incoming investments from? What about outgoing?

Inbound – USA, UK, Hong Kong; outgoing – USA and UK.

3. In which industries / sectors do you see the greatest opportunities for foreign investment?

The South American market is strong right now, especially investments in Brazil. Hong Kong remains a strong market for us. We are engaged in a wide range of industries and sectors for foreign investment; FinTech, however, continues to be a growth area.

4. What advantages and pitfalls should others know about doing business in your country?

The Cayman Islands have very strict standards when it comes to due diligence and financial services; It is vital that those wishing to do business in the jurisdiction obtain appropriate legal advice.

5. What is a cultural fact or custom in your country that others should be aware of when doing business there?

Cayman is a very cosmopolitan jurisdiction with a multitude of professionals and sophisticated financial services. The majority of our work is international and we are used to working with clients and lawyers around the world.

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