Donaldson seeks calf energy after ‘fluke ordeal’ final yr | Sports activities

Three months ago, he and his partner Briana welcomed their daughter Aubrey, a life enrichment that goes far beyond any training program. Even so, Donaldson took the time to focus on renewing strength in his legs, improving walking mechanics and agility, and maintaining soft tissue health, with the obvious goal of another insane, prolonged absence for an exercise or exercise Avoid train.

“I try to get more hip drive and use my hips to accelerate through the movements where it can relieve my calves,” Donaldson said.

The twins have an evolving plan to keep their seasoned thug, slick fielder, and emotional leader fresh in April – and hopefully October.

“He’s in great shape. He moves really well, ”said manager Rocco Baldelli.

It was frustrating enough to watch the Twins swept from the dugout in a two-game wildcard series from Houston – extending the franchise league’s record streak to 18 direct postseason losses – that he was adamant about not giving them up to repeat.

This year Donaldson will have a new shortstop next to him in Andrelton Simmons, offering the Twins a potentially flawless tandem in defense on the left if both players can stay on the field.

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