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Mayor Bill de Blasio Encouraged private sector employers in New York to require their workers to be vaccinated against coronavirus as well.

“My message to the private sector is: go as far as you can now. Do what you can, ”said the Democratic Mayor at his press conference.

CBS news

“My message to the private sector is: go as far as you can now. Do what you can … I would push for a vaccination mandate if possible, ”says NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

July 26, 2021

De Blasio added: “Every employer in the private sector has to do what they think is right, but I would urge a vaccination mandate if possible.”

The mayor said offices should “at least” require employees to either get vaccinated or have weekly coronavirus tests, reflecting the new mandate for all New York city workers.

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All employees in New York City must be vaccinated, says de Blasio

All New York City employees must be vaccinated against coronavirus, Mayor Bill de Blasio just announced at a press conference.

The Democratic Mayor said that starting September 13, all city workers will either need to be vaccinated or have weekly coronavirus tests.

CBS news

BREAKING: New York will require “all of the city’s workforce” to be vaccinated or subjected to weekly tests by mid-September, NYC Mayor de Blasio announced.

“This is about our recovery. It’s about keeping people safe. It’s about bringing jobs back.

July 26, 2021

“Let’s make it clear why this is so important: it’s about our recovery. This is about what we need to do to bring New York City back, ”said de Blasio.

“This is about people’s safety. This is about ensuring that our families survive Covid safely. It’s about getting jobs back. They call it.”

De Blasio described September as “the hub of recreation” as students return to schools and more offices reopen at that time.

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The White House is not lifting the travel restrictions “at this point in time” due to concerns about the Delta option. an administrative officer told Reuters.

According to Reuters, the official cited the higher-transmittable Delta variant and the rising number of coronavirus cases in the US to justify keeping the restrictions.

The White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, has been repeatedly asked when the administration will ease restrictions on international travel.

“There are ongoing working groups discussing how to hopefully get to a point where there is international travel and give back something that we would all love to see – not just for tourism but also for family reunification. “Said Psaki on Friday.

“There are a number of issues in the ongoing discussions. The President receives regular briefings on this, but we rely on public health and medical advice as to when to make changes. “

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Anthony Fauci, the senior medical advisor to the White House, said on Sunday that senior U.S. health officials are debating whether to revise mask guidelines for Americans vaccinated against Covid-19.

“This is being actively examined,” Fauci told CNN’s State of the Union, but also stressed that local governments can enact their own rules under the current guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Los Angeles and St. Louis, Missouri counties have reintroduced indoor masking requirements, and other cities are considering doing the same.

After a sharp drop in Covid-19 cases due to the national vaccination campaign, infections are rising in all 50 states and Washington DC. The increases are highest in states with large groups of unvaccinated people. More than 610,000 have died of Covid-19 in the United States.

At a briefing at the White House on Thursday, the surgeon general said Vivek Murthy, said 97% of hospital admissions and 99.5% of Covid deaths were among unvaccinated people.

More than 162.7 million Americans are vaccinated – that’s 49% of the population, according to the CDC.

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Meanwhile, the Mayor of New York is reportedly preparing to extend his vaccination mandate to all employees in the city.

NBC New York reports:

Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to announce an extension of the current vaccine mandate from New York City to all city workers on Monday, sources familiar with the plan told News 4.

A source knowledgeable of the plan told NBC New York that the mandate will begin with civic employees working in meeting places first; A town hall source also confirmed this plan. The plan will be phased in and the entire city workforce is expected to follow suit by mid-September.

Unvaccinated city workers are expected to be required to wear masks in the workplace as part of the new plan, which will require them to be tested weekly if they do not receive the vaccine.

De Blasio announced on Wednesday that all employees in city health facilities and hospitals would have to get vaccinated or receive weekly coronavirus tests.

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Yolette Bonnet, 60, the executive director of a group of community health clinics in underserved neighborhoods in Palm Beach County, Florida, got vaccinated. Perhaps this would be unremarkable, except that she was vaccinated on Thursday, more than seven months after she was eligible for the vaccine as a health care provider.

Bonnet, who is black, described her resistance as a mixture of hope that the pandemic would fade and skepticism born from the history of racism of the American medical establishment.

Bonnet’s story is just one example of how people in a vast, heterogeneous country are expecting the pandemic to recur, with the more contagious Delta tribe mainly causing new cases and their own willingness to prevent this with the most powerful tool, the available to mankind – the vaccine.

It also reveals the complex, very personal considerations behind a stalled vaccination campaign in the US that threatens to undermine the effectiveness of the vaccine as each new infection opens up the opportunity for a new variant to develop.

Bonnet said she was still unsure when she got her first Pfizer shot, but encouragement from her two daughters, husband and coworkers prevailed and, amid fanfare, she got the shot. Like 12 of their employees, who saw their boss’s willingness to be vaccinated as a sign of their safety.

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Dozens of medical groups are demanding mandatory vaccinations from health workers

Greetings from Washington, live blog readers.

Nearly 60 medical groups, including the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, are now calling for mandatory coronavirus vaccinations for all health workers in the United States.

“With the recent surge in Covid-19 and the availability of safe and effective vaccines, our health organizations and societies are advocating that all healthcare and long-term care employers require their employees to receive the Covid-19 vaccine,” said the groups in groups a joint statement shared with the Washington Post.

“This is the logical fulfillment of the ethical obligation of all healthcare workers to put patients and residents of long-term care facilities first and to take all necessary steps to ensure their health and well-being.”

The statement comes because vaccinations have stalled in the US, despite the fact that the delta variant of the coronavirus has seen cases rise in regions with low vaccination rates.

With the recent surge in cases, medical groups have also suggested employers in other sectors require vaccinations for their workers.

“With the health sector leading the way in requesting vaccines for our employees, we hope that all other employers across the country will follow our lead and implement effective policies to promote vaccination,” the groups said.

“The health and safety of US workers, families, communities, and the nation depends.”

There will be more on the blog so stay tuned.

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