Eagles information and notes as important offseason interval nears

• • We had an ongoing exclusive series when we met the coaches on Eagles Insider Podcast, from head coach Nick Sirianni to the coordinators. I also had the chance to speak to some of the positional coaches, including quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson, a former University of Utah star who stood out in 10 seasons at the college level. He has a longstanding relationship with Hurts, as Johnson explains.

“I’ve had the pleasure to know Jalen for a very long time,” said Johnson. “His dad (Averion) was actually one of my high school coaches. I played for his dad in high school, so Jalen was probably 4 or 5 at the time, and his dad took him to the facility with his during the summer older brother. I knew who he was through my high school career. When I got into coaching, I went to recruitment and this (Texas) was my recruiting area so I would go out and Jalen would be in Mississippi state, Jalen was in 10th or 11th grade and we started really, really hard recruiting him in the state of Mississippi. I thought we’d get him. He ended up going to Alabama, but he’s someone I really know. It it’s funny how it all works and I can now coach him on a professional level.

“He wants to be trained extremely hard and he has been trained extremely hard throughout his career, starting with his father. I know the type of person he is – he is extremely hardworking, he is extremely dedicated, he is extremely focused, goal oriented and he has incredible makeup on his intangibles and the standard he sets for himself on a daily basis. “

• • Defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon was just great on the last Eagles Insider Podcast, including talking about the relationship he wants to have with his Eagles players. Good stuff here …

“A ‘serve’ mentality. I want our players to know and I’ve spoken to most of them. That’s why we’re here – the staff, myself, the head coach, all the defensive coaches – we’re here.” Make these guys the best player they can be and the reason for that is because it’s good for the team, good for our defense, and good for them. I don’t know what a “player-coach” is but I hope we will bond with them and they understand that whatever we do will serve them and make them bump into their roof as players. That is why we are here and every decision we make will take that into account. “

Bring free agency with it! Can’t wait to see what the Eagles’ plan is as the off-season roster preparation phase kicks off in earnest Monday and goes into full swing on Wednesday with an NFL draft in another six weeks.

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