Elk Rapids’ Downtown Marina Will get New House owners

The marina in downtown Elk Rapids is getting an upgrade thanks to its new owners.

On the summer of 9 & 10 News, you were told that the downtown Elk Rapids marina is for sale after the previous owner had owned it since 1984. Now it has been sold to new owners and they have big plans to upgrade this marina.

The new owners Susie and Lewis Cooper bought the marina on January 29th.

They plan to open a full service pro shop, add 10 new boat slips and new docks, and set up a green space with space for a food truck.

They also changed the name of the marina from Elk River Marina to Elk Rapids Marina on Elk Lake.

The Coopers will also sell boats as part of a partnership with Tommy’s Boats and add a few new boats to their rental fleet.

Susie Cooper says the community has been very warm and excited about the new changes they bring to the marina.

“I think our overall goal is to get Elk Rapids Marina up to the standard Elk Rapids deserves,” she said. “Our number one priority would be to provide families with a safe and wonderful place to make memories.”

Not everything will be done for the opening of the marina in the summer of 2021, but the Coopers hope that boaters will at least have access to water.

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