Elsa weakens again all the way down to a tropical storm

Tropical Storm Elsa is a little less organized this morning with winds now stopping at 70 mph. Elsa is expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds and dangerous surf to the Caribbean over the weekend.

No impact from Elsa for the US is expected over the bank holiday weekend as there is good consensus that the system will target the Caribbean under high pressure. There is still uncertainty in the long run.

There will be a better idea of ​​the US impact once Elsa hits the Caribbean as there are some obstacles, such as: B. the land interaction that the system needs to address.

An Air Force Hurricane Hunters aircraft is scheduled to examine Elsa’s intensity and structure over the weekend.

Forecast cones do not represent the extent of the effects of a tropical system. Instead, based on the latest predictions, they show where the center of the storm has the best chance of being.

Therefore, they fan out and become broader in the extended outlook. It is important to remember that tropical systems will always have effects that extend outward and away from the center of circulation. Even if the storm missed an area in the middle of the storm, they could still be directly affected if a system moves by.

Rely on the NBC 2 First Alert Hurricane Team to keep you in the know as we track this system over the holiday weekend and early next week.

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