Enjoying politics with our youngsters | Letters to the Editor

And what about the 600 non-DLI students currently attending Harvest? Many of these students live in the neighborhood where they attend school. Many of them are economically impoverished and need to be able to take care of their siblings, help with family businesses, and help out in their homes. Where did we leave these families?

Our family chose River because of its track record. This program that our daughter thrived under has encouraged socio-emotional reflection and growth. It has fostered a student community of inclusion of all races, genders and identities. River has nurtured strong skills in empowerment, independence, creativity, collaboration, and academics.

River’s measured academic success is obvious. Ranked 50% in math and top 30% in reading literacy in California. This school produces intelligent, empathetic and motivated leaders. We’re the only middle school in Napa that has a waiting list for enrollment year after year.

So why quit a successful program? This decision is based on self-preservation. The first action the state will take if NVUSD goes bankrupt is to fire the superintendent from the district. They will next conduct a formal review and remove the powers of the boards of directors, leaving them only to act in an advisory capacity. It is clear that no one wants NVUSD to be received. The state has a nasty habit of cleaning up county budgets by firing educators, lowering teachers’ salaries, and simply closing schools within the community. But wait, it seems our own district managers have already taken care of this.

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