Enterprise Blooming for Native Florists Amid Pandemic – NBC 7 San Diego

Instead of a romantic date, many people stay home and blossom on their loved ones during the pandemic. Local florists hope to make money after a difficult business year.

“With Valentine’s Day we were constant for the last two days. So sales have increased, ”said Hilary Bateman, owner of the Little House of Flowers in Mission Valley.

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As with many businesses, the flower industry has suffered from the pandemic, but there are signs that Valentine’s Day could help change the situation.

According to UPS, flower deliveries are up almost 50% year over year.

At the Little House of Flowers, Bateman had to get a refrigerator truck this year to handle the additional orders.

“I think people stay home. They want something beautiful to look at in their home to make them feel good. So we saw a big increase.

Getting a reservation for a dinner on Valentine’s Day is usually difficult anyway. Limited seating made it even more difficult.

“It’s really difficult to find reservations for tonight. We actually looked at four different places. It was all booked two weeks ago, ”said Todd Pinckney, a San Diego resident who bought flowers for his wife.

This Valentine’s Day will certainly look different, but the feeling remains the same.

“I think it’s really about self-care and love and being there for other people,” Bateman said

“I love when my customers come and tell me who they are buying flowers for and flowers that everyone leaves with a smile,” added Bateman.

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