Enterprise house owners assist police seize fugitive in Clever County

WISE COUNTY, Virginia (WYMT) – A federal refugee is back in prison with the help of two business owners in Southwest Virginia.

In a Facebook post on the Wise County Sheriff’s Office page, Quality Carpet and Garbage officials praised Vanda Lawson and Shane Bond for their assistance in the case.

In the Post, we learn that Lawson and Bond were at work last Friday when a man walked into their store claiming he had a four-wheel drive accident the night before and spent the night in the woods.

The couple knew that the day before they looked for a suspect who had escaped from a male prison in Harrisonburg, MPs raided nearby Wise County Industrial Park. The man, later identified as Jimmy Harold Baker, was very dirty, had cuts and scratches on his face and arms, and wore socks without shoes.

The Post said Lawson, who is a retired civil servant with the Wise County General District Court, and Bond, who had law enforcement experience, both felt that there was more to the story. While Bond Baker was being held up, Lawson called dispatch.

After some persuasion, Bond managed to convince Baker to have him taken to the hospital for a check-up. As they got into the car, a Wise County MP stopped and Baker gave up and said he was tired of running.

Baker was taken back into custody. We don’t know where he’s being held.

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