Enterprise information tie Rep. Boebert to husband’s pure gasoline consulting agency

U.S. MP Lauren Boebert’s name appears on business documents filed with the state for her husband’s oil and gas consultancy firm Boebert Consulting, which has been operated by a drilling company with a large presence for about $ 1 million in the past two years -Dollars paid the western slope.

The Garfield County Republican is the registered agent of JLB903 LLC, which in turn is the registered agent of Boebert Consulting, run by her husband Jayson, according to records verified by The Colorado Sun, as well as information from Boebert’s office and a financial institution that led to the disclosure Congresswoman submitted this week.

The reveal raises additional questions about the Boeberts’ finances and their close ties to the oil and gas industry, which have been under increasing scrutiny by opponents in recent days. The Congresswoman’s office said she doesn’t work for Boebert Consulting but didn’t reply if she owns the company.

Boebert, who sits on the House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee, was a key cheerleader for the oil and gas industry and often quoted her husband’s work.

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