Former NBA Participant Opens Sports activities-Styled Restaurant in Hometown

AUBURNDALE, Florida – Tracy McGrady is a seven-time NBA All-Star and Auburndale American investing in his hometown.

What you need to know

  • Tracy McGrady opens a new family restaurant called HomeCourt in Auburndale
  • McGrad invested a million dollars in his new restaurant and hometown
  • The restaurant has created over 70 jobs in the community
  • The restaurant opens on Wednesday

“The opening for HomeCourt is Wednesday and we’re very excited,” said McGrady. “This was a two year process that was slowed down by the pandemic.”

The town of Lakeland is now home to McGrady’s first restaurant, HomeCourt – an edgy, sports-style venue with unique dishes like the PB&J Burger.

“I love my community, I never forget where I’m from,” said McGrady. “I didn’t have that inspiration in my own church that came back and inspired me to be what I wanted to be. I had to look from a distance. “

McGrady spent a million dollars on the new family-style restaurant, but he told me his vision of what this will bring to the community was invaluable.

“I’ve walked these streets, I was in these shoes; I want to be an inspiration, ”he said. “You don’t have to be a professional basketball player either; you can go to school and start your own business. There is more than one way to do this. “

Homecourt cost more than a million dollars to get started, and that investment brought new jobs to the community.

“I was really passionate about making a difference where he grew up in Polk County and not only invested but also created jobs,” said McGrady’s managing partner Hanson Li.

Li said they hired over 70 people from the community to work at Homecourt.

“We also have one of the few simulated golf courses in Polk County,” said Li.

The restaurant is also planning game systems for the children and a daily happy hour for the adults.

“I’m all about family,” said McGrady. “I sit down at home with my 4 children and my wife and have these conversations about what’s going on during the day and I want to create that kind of environment here.”

McGrady said he plans to visit the restaurant when he can, mentioning that two of his favorite dishes on the menu are the Cajun pasta and the PB&J burger.

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