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Kristian Nelson, who is the defendant in a lawsuit alleging he cheated millions of dollars on a Little Rock man, has used some of those funds to start a business in Camden. This emerges from statements that Nelson recently made in a statement.

In August 2020, Camden News reported that an 89-year-old Little Rock man, Richard Toll, is suing Kristian D. Nelson, a businessman associated with the Hawgz Blues Cafe, which has locations in Little Rock and North Little Rock cheated him for $ 4.5 million over a period of several years.

The lawsuit alleges that Nelson acquired loans from Toll over a period of three years beginning in September 2017 and through June 2020, allegedly to help his businesses. He first loaned Nelson $ 10,000, according to court documents Nelson used to cover checks to cover expenses at the Little Rock location at Hawgz Blues Cafe that he allegedly owned.

Camden Mayor Julian Lott announced on Facebook in June that the Hawgz Blues Cafe and a dealership called I Sell 4 U Auto will soon be based in Camden. The post was accompanied by two photos of Lott and Nelson together at the Hawgz Blues Cafe in North Little Rock.

In a September 2020 filing, lawyers interviewed Nelson about his activities.

Nelson said in the deposit that he “did not remember” the date he opened a property in Camden, nor did he remember who owned the property.

Q. Don’t remember who owns the property in Camden that you run a dealership in?

A. It was a piece of paper that I know, ”the deposit says.

Nelson said during the filing that he leased a property in 1585 California in Camden for an auto parts retail store. Nelson said some of the money Toll loaned him was used to buy the auto parts for sale there. The address 1585 is listed in The Elements Apartments.

Nelson stated that he could not remember the answer to the questions put to him and exercised his fifth right to amend against self-blame in response to several questions during the deposit.

Caitlan Butler contributed to this report.

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