Friday Evening Sports activities Hero: Jaylan Ruffin

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – This week’s Friday night sports hero is Jaylan Ruffin. Jaylan is a four-sportsman who excels on the wrestling mat. He was a state finalist last season and this year he wants the title.

“It definitely made me hungrier. I lost what was hard to swallow last year …[But]I think I can go back there … And just go for business this time. No regrets, it’s my last year, ”said Ruffin.

How much would it mean to Jaylan to win the state?

“It would be huge for me, something I would love to do. I would be a four-time State Placer and then a State Champ to add to that. That would be great, ”added Ruffin.

Jaylan already has a long list of achievements on the wrestling mat. He has over a hundred career wins and holds the bulldog wrestling record for most single-season pins. Much of Jaylan’s motivation comes from being part of such an elite program.

“To be honest, I think it pushes each and every one of us to work harder. You see Gavyn reach the state finals, you want to reach the state finals … We are all just good athletes and we always want to become more. When someone is at the top we have a little competition between the teams, ”he told Ruffin.

Darian Diaz is a teammate of Jaylan’s who has wrestled with Ruffin since childhood. Diaz is a national champion himself and spoke about his relationship with Jaylan:

“I find it amazing to be able to grow together with someone at a young age. To be able to have someone my size that we can try harder with … It’s just really good to have Jaylan on the team too to have.”

We’ll find out next week if Jaylan can win the state title he is pursuing, but right now he’s living in the moment.

“I’m only out there to be free and don’t think too much about things because then you can get caught and slip. So I just leave it out there and use my athleticism and what I know and just take people down, throw them and get pins, ”said a happy Ruffin.

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