Gage County approves highway plans | Authorities and Politics

Engel previously discussed the armor coating projects, which included Clatonia North for two miles, Ellis North for six miles, North 19th Street in Beatrice for 3.5 miles, part east of the Blue Springs River for 1.2 miles, and parts of the Wymore and Blue cemeteries Springs include US Highway 77 and Broad Street East for 1.4 miles, Barneston Road for 4.3 miles, Wymore West for 3.5 miles, and Broad Street and River Drive near Blue Springs for 0.9 miles.

The overlay projects were largely driven by an agreement with a contractor from last year who agreed to do work this year at the cost of last year.

Over a third of the projects involved replacing bridges across the county with another bridge, culvert, or pipe, with other projects that increased some culvert crossings.

A bridge three miles east of Filley is being replaced with metal tubing, which Engel said was previously funded by the Nebraska Department of Transportation’s County Bridge Match program with the Nebraska Transportation Infrastructure Bank. He said several other projects have been submitted but not selected for this program, including the replacement of a 95-foot bridge near Clatonia.

Engel said the county will likely resubmit the project in the sixth round of funding for the game program.

The Board also discussed paving an area on West Hickory Road in preparation for future development in the area. However, no action has been taken to include the proposed project in the one or six year road map.

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