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San Mateo Serra football coach Patrick Walsh said he was expecting an announcement from Governor Gavin Newsom’s office about college sports as early as February 18.

In a Facebook Live update on Wednesday evening, Walsh said he did not know what the decision would look like but expected a positive outcome.

Walsh noted that he and other leaders of the Golden State High School football coaches community met two Newsom employees, including Jim DeBoo, on Wednesday night. The meeting was the last in a series of talks with the governor’s office.

Walsh, whose coaching group worked with parent-run Let Them Play CA, told viewers that he expects a decision within 48 hours.

“We currently believe – and I’m talking about the present – that tomorrow, or by Friday at the latest, there will be an announcement about the future of youth sport in California,” said Walsh on Wednesday evening. “I believe that, and I think I’m telling you that because they tell us that.

“Unfortunately we are not the decision makers because if we were, I would make a decision immediately – and we would all play safely. But that’s not the reality. “

Walsh said the Newsom team did not say what the decision will be or when it will be announced. Advocacy advocates, however, are encouraged by the case they presented to the governor’s office on how to safely practice contact sports amid the pandemic.

From now on, only non-contact outdoor sports can be played in California.

“We moved the ball across the field,” said Walsh. “We are on the proverbial 1-yard line. Basketball parents, we’re about to layup. Water polo, we’re about to score. We are on the 1 yard line and we believe there will be a positive announcement in the next few days.

“When we sit here on the eve of a decision or the eve of the decision, I feel like we are in a good place. I am confident that in the next 48 hours we will have news that will affect millions of children and even more millions of parents – and that is a good thing. “

Even if Newsom makes an announcement, Walsh said the movement isn’t stopping because it is likely that not all sports will be cleared for play, and even those that might have more hurdles at the county and school district level. Walsh noted that state health officials are more reluctant to give the green light to indoor sports like basketball.

“I don’t think there will be a magic brush that is painted and says, ‘The state is open. Everyone’s going to play, ”said Walsh. “If that happens, we’d still have to deal with some of our counties that are beyond duty, if you will.

“The first domino to fall is the top domino, which is the state – the California Department of Health, the governor’s office to give us directions, give us directions … That will determine everything else we do in the end. It will determine how counties deal with things. It will determine how we conduct our events. It will dictate all of that – from masks to transportation to everything. What is very important. “

Due to the state’s hesitation about indoor sports, Walsh told Facebook listeners that task forces similar to those he has implemented in the current movement must begin now. He mentioned that while talking to coaches in Texas about youth sports, Walsh suggested signing up for the sportsYou Team Management app and communicating with coaches on this platform. Walsh now has 900 soccer coaches across California on the app.

“This needs to be done in other sports, especially indoor sports,” said Walsh. “When the next 48 hours unfold, the next battle will come.”

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