Hospital Employees In LA County Being Pushed To Brink With New COVID-19 Instances – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Hospital workers are marginalized in Los Angeles County, where a total of 1,000 people have died from complications from the coronavirus in the past four days.

As a result of the continued surge, service members have arrived to help with record cases in Los Angeles County and Riverside.

“I now assume that every patient I see and I act like every patient I see is COVID positive. With the exception of my last shift, I would say that almost 80 percent, maybe 90 percent of the patients are COVID positive, ”said Dr. Haig Aintablian, a UCLA ambulance.

As of Sunday, Los Angeles County reported 14,482 new COVID-19 cases, 166 new deaths and 7,964 current hospitalizations.

22% of hospital residents are in intensive care.

The resources listed below may provide information about the pandemic and best practices for ensuring safety:

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