IBC Tote Mixers Are Designed To Re-Suspend Solids And Maintain Uniformity In Totes

They are light and compact and simple to set up. The blade is light in comparison to other mixers, and is designed to withstand up to 800-inch pounds of force.

Even Mix has created an innovative IBC Tote Mixer. It is lightweight, portable and powerful. It also features an award-winning design. The Even Mix ™ IBC Tote Mixer features an innovative blade design that mixes flow. This prevents air infusion and provides superior performance.

The mixers are available in different sizes, from 12 inches to 72 inches. The motors are of industrial quality. Some have TEFC (total energy-efficient) technology. They can be powered by single-phase or triple-phase power. They come with a 10′ line cord as well as a three-prong plug. They also include an on/off switch. The mixers can also be fitted with a needle valve that allows speed adjustment. Some models come with set-ups for lubrication.

For mixing chemical compounds and other materials for mixing other materials and chemicals in IBC totes, you might need a larger-sized unit. The 275-gallon model comes with an opening of 6″ fill hole and is used for mixing sealcoat sealer and other materials. These mixers are constructed of sturdy, corrosion-resistant material that can withstand bending and stress.

Pulsair is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of IBC Tote Mixers. Pulsair’s Tote Mixer is versatile and can be used to mix chemicals in large tanks rail tank cars, 55-gallon drums, and many other areas. It’s a low-maintenance model that makes it easy to transport.

Another type of IBC Tote Mixer is the portable IBC Tote Mixer. It is used to mix liquids. They can be mounted on an IBC cage and come with sturdy bridge mount. These agitators are perfect for mixing liquids and slurries which have high solids.

The Mixquip MSE Model Side Entry Agitator utilizes cutting-edge technology to cut down on power consumption and shear. This design is quiet and energy efficient, and provides a better mixing process. These features let you mix more products with less energy and lower the carbon footprint.

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