In Many Cases Schools May Lose Federal Funding If They Do Not Comply With Title IX

It is essential to seek legal advice as quickly as you can when you’ve been accused of sexual misconduct, harassment or any other form of infraction. A Title IX attorney can protect you from unfair discipline, and help you appeal, as well as ensure that your rights are protected during the court process.

A Title IX Lawyer Jacksonville is an experienced, highly skilled attorney who is committed to helping people who are discriminated against because of their gender or sexuality by an educational institution. She is aware that accusations can be devastating, and she aids her clients to seek justice while defending their reputations and their future careers.

What is Title IX?

Title IX is the federal law that guarantees equal access in the educational programs that are that are funded by the federal government. It covers a variety of areas that include admissions and discrimination in athletics as well as other programs, student discipline and employment.

What happens to a college when it is found guilty of a Title IX Violation?

In many cases schools may lose federal funding if they do not comply with Title IX. This could be devastating for students who have received an athletic scholarship or financial aid. A conviction for a Title IX offense can also have a negative impact on a student’s career and prevent them from attending another school in the future.

A competent attorney can make sure your rights are respected at every stage of the disciplinary process, and that you are given a fair hearing. She can also assist you to in filing an appeal or suing the school if your rights have been violated during the process.

What are my rights under Title IX?

Reading the Title IX handbook of your school or the code of conduct for students is a good method to establish your legal rights. It should include a checklist of steps, from an initial investigation through to an appeal, as well as possible sanctions or punishments.

Next, an experienced Title IX defense lawyer will conduct an extensive background check on the investigators and other administrators who are in charge of your case to identify any bias. This is vital because a lot of them are naturally biased towards males, and a good lawyer will conduct an extensive check to determine whether the administrator or investigator has any previous record of sexual harassment or discrimination which could make him or her less than honest during an investigation.

Title IX requires that your school investigates sexual assault allegations quickly and impartially. You should also be given the opportunity to share your side of the your story and submit any witnesses to be interviewed on your behalf.

You will be able to examine the results of your investigation and decide if you wish to appeal. The process typically takes 60 days, depending on the number and type of incidents witnesses, complainants, and witnesses.

If you decide to appeal and appeal, the Title IX coordinator or investigator will schedule a hearing for you and the other parties to provide evidence. You will require a Title IX defense attorney who is experienced in explaining the intricacies of disciplinary procedures and will ensure that you have the best chance of proving your innocence before the public.

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