LA Clippers Information: What did we get incorrect in regards to the Clippers and Mavericks?

With the Clippers 2-0 deficit to Dallas in the first round, it is clear that our most optimistic predictions about this series were wrong. The Clippers didn’t see the better team part against the Mavericks despite having a home advantage and winning five more games in the regular season. Instead, the Clippers look slower and slower as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were both played out by Luka Dončić.

So it was time to settle the latest episode of the Clips Nation podcast. Your hosts Sabreena Merchant and Blake Harris tried in their previews to see what exactly they went wrong with this series and why Dallas was so much more successful than expected.

After Sabreena and Blake try to solve the problem, they try to offer some solutions. Some of them include schematic representations of the team’s defense plan on Dončić and other suggestions include rotation changes, but the main thing that matters is how hard the Clippers play.

What’s scary is that the Clippers are faced with long chances of winning as only six percent of the teams that lost 2-0 have ever returned to win a best-of-seven in the NBA playoffs. The odds are actually a bit higher for teams that lose the top two at home – four out of 31 have won the series in that situation – but this is still not the place the team was hoping for. Sabreena and Blake have some guesswork about how the Clippers will react, but given the accuracy of their predictions ahead of the series, it’s hard to be certain.

You can check out all of that and more in the full episode embedded below. To make sure you don’t miss a single show in the future, subscribe to Clips Nation’s podcast feed iTunes, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

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