LA superspreader Job Power fines and arrested a whole bunch

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department cracked down on New Years Eve parties with the use of their Super-Spreader Task Force. The strict procedure resulted in hundreds of party guests being arrested, arrested and fined.

The Superspreader Task Force consisted of “hundreds of detectives, patrol delegates, and specialist response teams”. The Coronavirus Lockdown Enforcers crashed five major NYE parties in Los Angeles, Malibu, Hawthorne and Pomona. The “illegal” celebrations took place in talking places like upscale homes, vacant warehouses, a DoubleTree hotel and closed shops.

* COVID PARTY ALERT * Influencers hosted and attended huge Covid Super Spreader events across Los Angeles. The DripCr…

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The Los Angeles news channel KTTV-TV was present at many parties that were broken up by the police. Based on the footage, most of the perpetrators appeared to be in their late teens and early 20s.

Over 900 people were arrested, 90 arrested and / or cited. Law enforcement agencies announced that they had recovered at least six weapons.

The @LASDHQ COVID-19 Super-Spreader Task Force performed operations in 5 different locations last night. 90 adults …

– Alex Villanueva (@Alex Villanueva) 1609543311.0

“I made it clear that we will take and will take law enforcement action against all” super-spreader “events in Los Angeles County,” said Alex Villanueva, Los Angeles County sheriff. “The aim of these enforcement actions is to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and the risk to our vulnerable populations.”

LASD Captain Holly Francisco said, “We are actively enforcing the super spreaders to protect them from COVID. When we confirmed there was a party going on, our Super Spreader task force responded and detained the inmates.”

John Satterfield stated, “We write quotes to people who knowingly put others at risk through a large gathering. There was no social distancing, there were no masks, it was unsafe and irresponsible.”

One frustrated New Years Eve reveler said to KTTV, “We’re tired of closing this sh **, my people lost business and all that sh **, and we really just wanted some fresh air man, that’s what we do to do.” wanted some fresh air, they come out with the tanks and all the people, sh ** is crazy. ”

Last month, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) urged voters to await further COVID-19 lockdowns. He even said, “It’s time to cancel everything.”

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