Lady-Owned Enterprise Options Latin Artwork From Each Sides of the Border – NBC 7 San Diego

We love to see women support women, especially during Women’s History Month.

And as the month highlighting strong, hard-working women comes to an end, what better way to keep the celebration going than to support local, women-owned businesses like Simón Limón in Barrio Logan.

Simón Limón opened in August 2018 with the aim of providing small businesses and artists on both sides of the border with a platform where they can present and sell their work, explained owner Alexandra Perez Demma.

“I wanted to highlight the work of companies and artists owned by womxn (sic) so that we can tell our stories and experiences in a modern light and inspire the next generation of womxn,” Perez Demma told NBC 7 via email.

Simón Limón is a small boutique that sells handcrafted goods, mostly featuring works by Latinx artists in Mexico, as well as San Diego, Los Angeles, and even other states.

Perez Demma is a bicultural millennial herself, so it’s no wonder most of the items in her store are aimed at the Latinx millennial audience.

“I also wanted to create space for our Latinx community to sell their culturally relevant products and share our unique experiences as Mexicans,” said Perez Demma.

“Our business and product is a place for Millennial Latinx people, telling our stories and experiences as Mexicans / Americans and preserving our culture.”

This little shop has everything from handmade jewelry to Concha-themed crafts to stickers featuring icons of Latinx pop culture like Bad Bunny and Selena.

Perez Demma says Simón Limón is a reflection of herself. She was born and raised in Mexico and comes to the US every year since her mother is originally from New York.

“San Diego as a city is multicultural and unique in its identity as it is a border city. I wanted to introduce the work of the new generation of artists and makers from Mexico and give them a platform here in the USA, ”said Perez Demma.

The store offers items that are handmade or designed by primarily Latin American artists and designers. “This brings a different perspective to the store that other San Diego stores may not have,” explains Perez Demma.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses have struggled to stay afloat. It was a time when people came together to show their support by buying and ordering online from local businesses.

During this time, Perez Demma explains how she started the “I Am Essential” campaign on the website of her shop and on the Instagram page.

The purpose of this campaign was to give the artists, creators, and small businesses the opportunity to tell their stories at a time when they had no platform and struggled to make a living, she explained.

“I would not be successful without the artist, designer and manufacturer whose products I carry in the store,” said Perez Demma.

“The voices and works of the artists are essential. Through the struggle comes the art, it is a way for people to tell their stories, connect with their ancestors and preserve the culture. ”

Perez Demma says it was a wonderful experience running her business as a solo show.

“A lot of hard work, but worth every minute. I’ve grown alongside the brands I wear and it’s been a great learning experience. I hope to expand Simón Limón and bring joy to the people, ”she said.

You can visit Simón Limón in Barrio Logan at 1185 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113, on their website or on Instagram at @shopsimonlimon.

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