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LOS ANGELES – A woman filing a five-year restraining order against Trevor Bauer testified Tuesday that her horror grew as bruises appeared and her pain increased the day after a sexual encounter in which she said the pitcher of the lot Angeles Dodgers choked her unconscious and beat her repeatedly.

The 27-year-old said she sent Bauer a picture of herself when she returned to San Diego.

“I couldn’t believe the way my face looked,” she said on the second day of her attorney’s questioning in Los Angeles Superior Court. “I wanted him to know what he did to me.”

Bauer, who said through proxy that everything that happened between the two was amicable, replied in a text message: “Damn girl, are you okay?”

The woman said she feared the social consequences as much as the physical ones and was initially determined not to tell anyone about it.

“I knew how that would work,” she said. “This situation sets me apart as the slut. I didn’t want the story to lead anywhere. “

But a visit to her best friend, “humiliated” by her appearance, convinced her to seek medical help. She would end up in a hospital emergency room, resulting in visits to a social worker, her parents and police who are still investigating three months later.

Bauer’s attorney Shawn Holley began cross-examining the woman late Tuesday morning and would likely continue the hearing for the rest of the day, which is expected to last most of the week and include a testimony from Bauer.

In her early questions, Holley indicated that the statement made by the woman requesting the order contained many omission lies.

Holley said during her opening speech on Monday that Ms. Bauer had given every hint that she consented to the treatment she received during the two nights they spent together at the Krug’s house in Pasadena in April and May.

Bauer, 30, was given paid administrative leave from Major League Baseball on July 2, and status was extended through Friday. MLB says it is conducting its own investigation and Bauer could face punishment under baseball’s domestic violence policy.

On Monday, the woman spoke of exchanging messages with Bauer when she tagged him on an Instagram post while he went up against her hometown Padres in April, and described the two visits she made to his home in Pasadena. Both involved sex that started consensually but became violent well beyond her comfort level, she said.

On Tuesday, she spoke about the aftermath of the second visit, during which Bauer, according to her testimony, hit her in the face and vagina and left bruises on the gums, around the eyes and behind the ears.

She said she was afraid of what Bauer could have done to her while she was passed out. In text messages and a phone call she made for the Pasadena Police Department, he said that he only punched her in the butt during that time.

She described an hour-long sexual assault investigation which she said was terribly traumatic and physically painful.

And she said she had daily messages from Bauer expressing his concern.

“Here for you if you want to talk,” read one.

“I feel so bad that this happened,” said another.

He offered to send her groceries while she was relaxing at home or otherwise help.

The woman said she appreciated his appreciation first.

“It felt good to hear that he was bad,” she said.

But she found the news more and more troubling, and she worried that he knew she had spoken to the police.

“I felt like he was saying these things so I would shut up,” she testified.

The Associated Press does not normally identify anyone who claims to have been a victim of sexual assault.

Bauer agreed to a three-year $ 102 million deal to move to his hometown Dodgers earlier this year after winning his first Cy Young with the Cincinnati Reds last season.

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