Letter to the Editor: Arizona politics nonetheless getting consideration for improper causes | Letters

Once again, Arizona legislation was in the national spotlight. Unfortunately, we’re getting attention for the wrong reasons. We started the year with a bang as the world’s best hotspot for COVID-19. Then on January 11th, insane Republican lawmakers landed in Phoenix and went seriously insane. Refusing to accept that their Supreme Master had lost the presidential election, they prosecuted the Maricopa County Regulatory Agency and nearly managed to get all five cited for contempt – with just one vote short.

Unfortunately, a senior judge recently ruled that Maricopa County must hand over ballots and voting equipment in order for the Senate to conduct its own review – although two reviews have already been completed. This can’t possibly go well as Senate Republicans are determined to overthrow the 2020 presidential election. Senate President Karen Fann is considering an accounting firm that has worked closely with Trump. One of the members of the audit team even testified at election hearings as an expert on the Trump side.

Arizona’s insane lawmaker has also published a long list of extreme, wacky, and dangerous bills. Many of them are voter suppression bills. This includes allowing the legislature to turn the results of the presidential election upside down; request that all ballot papers be returned in person; require mail votes to be notarized; Removal of voters from the standing early voting list; Elimination of postal ballot papers with no apology; and impose stricter ID requirements.

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