Los Angeles eating places that outline the town, in line with visiting foodie

  • I first came to Los Angeles last year at the age of 27 and as a foodie I learned to love the city by eating myself around it.
  • When I was in America for the first time, I was amazed at how different the cuisine can be – and found a new love for Mexican food.
  • My food recommendations may not be the best or most talked about places, but they represent a microcosm of LA and what it stands for.
  • From inventive flavored ice cream and incredible seafood to iconic California cuisine, here are the 10 places that defined the city’s food scene for me.
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When I got off the plane in LAX at the age of 27, I didn’t really feel like I got under the skin of the place and the people who live in Los Angeles.

A year later, my life is much richer because I’ve spent more than a month in La La Land, split up into several trips – and I ultimately learned to love the city by eating around it and choosing from a variety of places and tried food together Really sum up Los Angeles.

The pace of life in LA is much slower than in my native London, and the constant weather that annoys this rain and sleet-forged Brit means everything moves a little easier and slower. The people are friendly and open, the products are plentiful and the food is completely different from what it was at home.

Joyful, photogenic, virtuous and delicious – here are the 10 restaurants that will make every visitor feel like an angelino.

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