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Los Angeles is an icon on the US map, home to Hollywood and Beverly Hills

Saying that was clearly a matter of course for the immaculately dressed employee at the Beverley Wilshire Hotel in the heart of Los Angeles where we had lunch.

The BLVD is a stunning restaurant on the property’s ground floor that became even more famous when it was featured in the Hollywood blockbuster “Pretty Woman.”

Although the film is more than a quarter of a century old, it clearly holds a high place in the history of the hotel and the dress of its female lead. Julia Roberts has a place of honor in a glass case near the lobby.

After a fantastic lunch, settle into one of the super soft sofas, grab a glass of soda and enjoy the incredible everyday life of the residents of this amazing city.

Los Angeles may not be for everyone. It’s undoubtedly hectic, 100 mph, blatantly materialistic, and its seedy side is never too far away, but don’t let that stop you from visiting.

From the legendary Hollywood sign to the Viper Room, where actor River Phoenix spent his last hours, to the legendary date palms that bracket many streets. The images of LA you remembered from movies and television exist here.

At the SkyBar at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Boulevard, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in places like Kendal Jenner and Beyonce.

View from the Shore HotelCoastal hotel

The Shore Hotel offers breathtaking views of the beach and the Pacific

The week before our visit, rap star and music legend Dr. Dre. left one of the waitresses with a tip of $ 5,000 – just like you!

Yes, it’s painfully hot, but a better place in town to watch the sunset can be hard to find – be sure to book in advance!

Whether you’re traveling the Hollywood Hills, visiting the homes of celebrities, catching a glimpse of someone you vaguely recognize but can’t immediately place, or just wandering the seemingly gold-paved streets, there really is something for everyone here.

But if you want a break from the ceaseless pace of the City of Angels, do what my wife Lynn and I did and settle outside of central LA.

Santa Monica boardwalkGETTY

LA is incredibly hedonistic and hectic, but not off-putting to potential visitors

Santa Monica is about a 30 minute drive from Beverley Hills and offers the visitor a much more relaxed and relaxed location.

We stayed at The Shore on Ocean Avenue and were fortunate enough to check into room 333 which gave us possibly one of the most beautiful views on the west coast of the US.

Simply but beautifully designed, the luxury property is a minimalist retreat with highly attentive and friendly staff, as well as an eye-catching pool area and a very convenient personal taxi service.

The balcony allowed an unobstructed view of the beach and the Pacific.

One morning we watched the taco vendors set up their trailers while the beautiful people went through their daily exercises and tai chi regimes.

He stood there with a glass of wine at night when the good people from Santa Monica came by. It was easy to get lost in the American dream. Imagine the beach boys meet the eagles with a touch of Sheryl Crow and you come there.

There’s certainly no shortage of top-notch hotels in Santa Monica, but it’s hard to find one that ticks every box like The Shore.

Turn left out of the foyer and within 50 meters pass The Ivy, which is regularly visited by David and Victoria Beckham, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Taylor Swift.

Hollywood Boulevard signGETTY

It’s everything and more that one expects after years of watching American films

Directly across Ocean Avenue is the pier and boardwalk, where you can take off your shoes and stroll on the golden sand that Pamela Anderson discovered in Baywatch.

When the seemingly incessant California sunshine returns too much from the beach and within ten minutes you are on Third Street, a pedestrian promenade where you can wander past Mexican school kids breaking a few trains or dreadlocked hippie dreadlocks theirs Guitars jingle so small dogs run on their hind legs for a few cents.

The stores you may be familiar with are Foot Locker, Armani Exchange, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret and Hollister, but the prices are sure to be a pleasant surprise. Combine your visit with a public holiday and the additional discounts will make you feel like you are getting your purchases almost free.

Hollywood Hill signGETTY

Celebrities visit the streets, shops and venues

For this reason we decided to make the most of our vacation by flying with British Airways and booking the World Traveler Plus service. Not only do they give you and around 30 other passengers your own cabin, but also more legroom and seating, but most importantly, the ability to check in a second case that gives you a total of 51 pounds of luggage – something that will prove extremely extremely difficult useful if you’re trying to wrap up all those new clothes while you’re packing to head home.

The almost eleven hour flight can be exhausting, but World Traveler Plus certainly makes the trip a lot more enjoyable and while it is an added hassle, it is excellent value for money.

Regular connections from all over Scotland to Heathrow Terminal 5 make travel easier. When you have several hours to spare in London, do what we did and reserve a table at Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food, where you can dine with panoramic views of hundreds of restaurants arriving and departing planes.

The memories of our visit to Calfornia will stay with us forever, but one lesson I learned is that when your favorite restaurant leaves your wife’s handbag on the floor by itself, it’s time to find a new favorite!

The reception of the Shore HotelCoastal hotel

The Shore Hotel ticks it all off your list of needs for a trip to LA

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