Mary Sue Terry on ladies in politics: “There’s one thing fallacious with this image” | Native Information

Terry, 73, lives on the family farm in Patrick County, where she has retired from public office but not from politics.

“Mark Herring is stuck in the past,” Terry said in a recent ad for Jay Jones, who is running for the Democratic Attorney General nomination against incumbent Mark Herring. Hering “supported an animal rights bureau before supporting a civil rights bureau.”

Terry’s political career began in 1978 when she was elected as State Delegate and ended when she lost to George Allen in 1993 for a bid for governorship.

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“It’s been a bad year for Democrats,” said Terry. “You can plan an outdoor wedding and anything can be beautiful, but if it rains you won’t have an outdoor wedding.”

Also on Terry’s résumé are eight cases she successfully tried in the US Supreme Court, which was inconceivable a century ago.

“100 years ago a man could beat his wife with impunity, women weren’t allowed to own property, they couldn’t choose, it was subconsciously ingrained in them, not feeling powerful,” said Terry. “Women were not raised to rise in their own lives.”

Terry said the Church and the selective use of scriptures have also minimized a woman’s place in society.

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