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Lake Marion and golf attract tourists to Orangeburg County.

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COLOMBIA – After a challenging year, SC Governor Henry McMaster and SC Director of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, Duane Parrish, opened the 56th Annual Tourism and Travel Governors’ Conference with words of hope last week.

A socially distant audience comprised of state tourism guides and hospitality professionals attended the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center on February 15.

McMaster highlighted the importance of the tourism industry to the South Carolina economy. He also thanked industry leaders for their work in making South Carolina a safe place for residents and visitors to face the challenges posed by COVID-19.

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“We slowed down, but we didn’t shut down,” said McMaster. “We’ve never had anything like this pandemic, but we’re getting out faster and better than probably anyone else in the country and that’s up to you – the people of our state.”

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SCPRT Director Parrish delivered his annual South Carolina Tourism Address. He focused on the highlights of a dark year that included a boom for the state’s golf industry, record visits to state parks, and successful virtual events that helped audiences explore South Carolina from the comfort of their homes.

He stated that in order to help the industry face the challenges posed by COVID-19, SCPRT continued to “pursue the same goals we always had – getting heads in beds, feet on fairways, and people in parks – but we did masks can also be seen on many.

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