Minding your coronary heart well being throughout chilly climate actions

Safety reminders for West New Yorkers to shovel snow and other outdoor activities.

BUFFALO, NY – February is National Heart Month and Western New York is known for being hit by cold temperatures and snow at this time of year. Health professionals have some tips on shoveling snow and out in the cold to avoid heart problems or a heart attack.

Health experts say it is important for people to stay active and eat healthier indoors during the winter months. And most importantly, before you go out, know how much your body can handle. Dr. Ali Masud, a cardiologist at the Catholic Health Heart Center, recommends that if you haven’t shoveled before or in a while, let someone else do it for you.

Knowing the red flags of a heart attack is important when you are out and about.

“When you get dizzy, you feel heartburn … shortness of breath, nausea, you feel dizzy, you are lightheaded – all of these things should alarm you that something is wrong,” said Masud.

Masud says if you experience any of these warning signs, regardless of the ongoing pandemic, you should get emergency medical help immediately.

This #AmericanHeartMonth, Catholic Health urges you to educate yourself and your loved ones about the signs and symptoms of a heart event. If you think your condition is life threatening, go to the hospital. https://t.co/zljMYI3oBS

– Catholic Health (@CHSBuffalo) February 10, 2021

In addition to clearing snow, cold weather can pose a threat to your heart health. You need to wear the correct clothing and layers – make sure your hands, head, extremities, and ears are covered. If you feel warm and sweaty, you need to change your clothes and remove a layer. Dr. Masud says the key is to “stay warm but not cook”.

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