MLB has 0.3% optimistic COVID-19 fee throughout consumption testing | Sports activities

FILE – Terry Francona, manager of the Cleveland Indians, watches during baseball practice during the spring practice session for pitchers and catchers in Avondale, Arizona this Thursday, February 13, 2020. Indian manager Terry Francona recently had a staphylococcal toe operation and will be on crutches at the training camp for several weeks. Francona said he was being treated for gout this winter on Friday, February 19, 2021 when doctors discovered the infection, which was excised. He spent 10 days at the Cleveland Clinic before returning to Arizona.

Ross D. Franklin

NEW YORK (AP) – Thirteen out of 4,336 tests for COVID-19 were positive during admission for Spring Major League Baseball practice, a rate of 0.3%

The commissioner’s office said Friday that nine positive samples included players and four staff. Positive tests included 11 of the 30 teams.

After entry screening, there were no new positives among 2,298 surveillance test samples. So far, 6,634 samples have been taken.

All players on 40-man rosters and players with minor league contracts invited to major league training camp will be screened. All other employees on site, such as managers, trainers and sports trainers, strength and conditioning personnel and doctors, are also tested.

Team owners, front office management, communications staff, groundskeepers, clubhouse and travel staff, and baseball operations personnel who require access to restricted areas will also be screened.

All people tested were required to maintain a five-day quarantine at home and undergo screening that included a PCR test, an antibody test, and a non-contact temperature test.

Before Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner tested positive in the sixth and final game of the World Series on October 27, MLB said four days earlier that the players had had 54 consecutive days without testing.

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