Moby Nonetheless Loves L.A. Structure Los Angeles Journal

Confusing. Byzantine. Fantastic incoherent. This is how Moby describes Los Angeles. But he also says, “LA has the most diverse and interesting architecture of any city on the planet.”

In a video for Pacific Standard Time presents: Modern architecture in LAThe musician, photographer and architecture fanboy, a multi-institution initiative that starts at the end of March, explains the city’s sprawling structure – all in a Muir Woods sweatshirt.

“LA has some of the best architecture in the world. And it also has some of the worst architectures on the planet. Sometimes 10 inches apart. “

Moby is a New York transplant who now lives in a historic Los Feliz home known as the Wolf’s Lair. She has become something of a booster in LA and has a blog devoted to local architecture.

Modern Architecture in LA, a Getty-led initiative, will have shows at nine local museums over the next few months, including SCI-Arc, MOCA, Hammer and A + D, as well as dozen other side events.

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