moneycorp Americas Unveils Business-First FX M.A.P. Report in Canada

TORONTO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – moneycorp Americas, a leading provider of global payments and FX risk management solutions, today announced an industry-first market analysis and position (FX MAP) tool for Canadian clients.

The comprehensive analysis tool offers market comments, an economic calendar and the client’s current foreign exchange position in a clear report. In one location, CFOs and other finance professionals can collect, compile and translate complex hedging data without the need to examine multiple sources to increase the transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of their FX risk management strategy.

“It is more important than ever for companies to balance the ever-changing world of finance, so more professionals are looking for a better way to efficiently assemble data,” said Bob Dowd, chief executive officer of moneycorp Americas. “With our groundbreaking FX MAP report, we can better serve our clients by helping them reduce FX costs and improve productivity so they can focus on adding value and profits.”

CFOs are driving the enterprise-wide digital agenda, with 77 percent driving efforts to improve efficiency through the adoption of digital technologies and 77 percent studying how disruptive new technologies can benefit the organization and the business ecosystem. In response to increasing customer demand for personalized services and easier reporting, the analytics tool not only provides comprehensive reporting for clients, but also provides convenience, efficiency, and bespoke FX support and recommendations tailored to their business needs.

“Moneycorp Americas’ FX MAP report has provided valuable business insights for our global payments and FX risk management strategy,” said David Birch, CFO of Waterloo Brewing Ltd. efficient and enables us to protect our bottom line even in this constantly changing market. ”

The FX MAP report will be available for the Canadian market and will be rolled out to the US shortly. Further information can be found at


About MoneyCorp Americas

moneycorp Americas is a leading provider of global payment and currency risk management solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering high-touch service and innovative technology products that put our customers’ business first. Our team of knowledgeable, experienced professionals create bespoke solutions and use our global network for seamless cross-border payments and FX risk protection. Moneycorp was founded in 1979 and serves global customers in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. Visit to learn more.

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