Montana lawmakers to be polled on eight veto overrides | 406 Politics

The legislature in the House of Representatives from Montana will debate on Monday in the State Capitol in House Bill 2 on the appropriations for the state budget.

THOM BRIDGE, Independent Record

In the coming days, lawmakers will be asked if eight vetoes issued by Governor Greg Gianforte after the adjournment of the legislature last month should be suspended, including a bill to add more landowners to the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission deal with agriculture.

The foreign minister must ask the legislature whether vetoes should be suspended after the session on bills that have received a total of 100 votes from the 150 legislators in the House of Representatives and the Senate. As is the case when lawmakers are in session, a veto override requires a two-thirds vote from both the House of Representatives and the Senate to succeed.

The legislature has 30 days from which the Foreign Minister sends the ballot papers in order to send them back by post or fax.

These bills include Senate Bill 306 by Senator Mike Lang, R-Malta, which would expand the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission from five to seven members and mandate three commissioners as agricultural landowners.

The Commission’s enlargement concept received support during the legislature, but SB 306 raised concerns due to the landowner component.

In April, Governor Greg Gianforte signed Rep. Paul Fielder’s House Bill 163, R-Thompson Falls. This draft law shifts the commission to seven members who represent the seven administrative regions of FWP, but does not define membership beyond the currently legally required agricultural landowner.

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